Fernando Gonzalez

New York City actor, science enthusiast, ne'er-do-well, rascal, scamp, and synonym fan.

 A fan of pondering and sweaters since '91.

Fernando Gonzalez is a Chicago-born, Indiana-raised, New York City-based actor whose mind never stops whirring. Since childhood, he's been verbose and impish... he was a fun kid to raise (don't actually ask his parents). He could always be found buried in a book, if not glued to a video game— which he always shared control of, of course (don't actually ask his sister).

Fernando's been fascinated by outer space, linguistics, politics, soccer, music— among many other fields. But he stumbled into acting in high school and thought that might just be his thing. It is.

Since graduating from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Fernando has been having a blast working non-stop on a wide range of projects. From Chekhov to experimental dance theatre, short films to web series, and podcasts to commercials, he's always more than game to tackle something new.

Have a project in mind? Send it along. If the writing is good, Fernando is eager to read it and ask, so— what's next?