Fernando Gonzalez

New York City actor, science enthusiast, ne'er-do-well, rascal, scamp, and synonym fan.

august 16th-September 1st @ the tank

 Twitter and lies and beards, oh my!

Twitter and lies and beards, oh my!


Red Emma & the Mad Monk, a new musical for The Tank's Lady Fest

written by Alexis Roblan & Teresa Lotz | directed by Katie Lindsay

In the first few months of 2017, 12 year-old Addison has a lot of questions about the world -- and very little parental supervision. Her best (imaginary) friend is a turn-of-the-19th-century Russian mystic, and her favorite pastime is fighting with deplorables on the internet. But when Addison starts to learn about another turn-of-the-century Russian -- the American immigrant anarchist Emma Goldman -- she begins questioning the meaning of political action and just how far we should go to fight oppressive systems.

Mystics, anarchists, and "snowflakes" swirl in this new Russo-American cabaret-style musical about Emma Goldman, Rasputin, and a 12 year-old American girl who's obsessed with both of them and won't get off Twitter. 

Tickets available here.