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october 1st-5th @ target margin

 Tape and pb facials are the new rage.

Tape and pb facials are the new rage.


Target Margin Theater presents Little Lord’s

Written by Michael Levinton and Little Lord
Directed by Michael Levinton

October 1 – 5 at 7:30pm @ THE DOXSEE (232 52nd Street, Sunset Park, Brooklyn)
Tickets $20, available HERE

A 5 night only back-to-school performance event, Little Lord’s The Peanut Butter Show is a silly, sloppy, sadistic, and slightly dangerous school-wide assembly. Bring your EpiPen.

Performed by Kaaron Briscoe*Joshua William GelbFernando Gonzalez*Polly Lee*Michael Levinton*Meg MacCary*Morgan Lindsey Tachco, and Kate Weber*.

Sets/Lights by Marika Kent
Costumes by Karen Boyer
Sound by Joseph Wolfslau
Choreography by Whitney G-Bowley
Production Management by Conrad Kluck
Stage Management by Jackie Rivera* and James Wyrwicz
Costume Assistant/Wardrobe by Crystal Kovacs

Produced by Little Lord (Michael Levinton, Artistic Director; Morgan Lindsey Tachco, Creative Producer; Laura von Holt, Co-Founder)

Allergy warning: peanut butter will be used in this performance.

Little Lord has received developmental support as part of the 2018 Impact Residency Program of the Drama League and LaGuardia Performing Arts Center.

*appears courtesy AEA