Fernando Gonzalez

New York City actor, science enthusiast, ne'er-do-well, rascal, scamp, and synonym fan.

March 8th-23rd: NEXT DOOR @ NYTW

Learning to read has never been creepier.

Learning to read has never been creepier.


New York Theatre Workshop presents:

Created by Little Lord and Michael Levinton
Directed by Michael Levinton

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Part recess, part ritual, part recruitment, SKINNAMARINK is Little Lord's absurd and vicious take on American education and indoctrination.

 SKINNAMARINK is based on “McGuffey's Eclectic Readers,” a series of American schoolbooks used to teach children how to read from the 1830s to today (yes, to today). Pre-dating the pastel-colored/everybody-happy world of "Dick and Jane," these brutal little books helped shaped the minds and behaviors of Americans for generations.

The simple, rich language of these primers and their blatant, moralistic underpinnings launched us to question our current mess of American belief-systems: How were you taught to read? To think? To behave? How were you punished? What is your relationship to authority? To discipline? To shame?

Transforming New York Theatre Workshop’s 4th Street Theatre into our own little one-room schoolhouse of horrors, SKINNAMARINK questions what kind of people are the most useful in society...and how we handle the rest.

***Allergy warning: peanut butter will be used in this performance.***

Performed by Kaaron Briscoe*, Joshua William Gelb, Fernando Gonzalez*, Polly Lee*, Michael Levinton*, Meg MacCary* Morgan Lindsey Tachco and Kate Weber* 
Scenic Design by Marika Kent 
Costume Design by Karen Boyer 
Lighting Design by Cha See 
Sound Design by Joseph Wolfslau 
Choreography by Whitney G-Bowley
Production Management by Daniel Allen Nelson 
Stage Management by Kaitlin Nemeth and James Wyrwicz
Associate Costume Design/Wardrobe by Crystal Kovacs 
Assistant Lighting Design by Val Insardi 
Press Representation by John Wyszniewksi, Everyman Agency 
Associate Produced by Brittany Coyne 
Produced by Little Lord (Michael Levinton/Artistic Director and Morgan Lindsey Tachco/Creative Producer) 

This production has received developmental support as part of the 2018 Impact Residency Program of the Drama League and LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, and through artist residencies with Drop, Forge & Tool in Hudson, NY. 

The Peanut Butter Show, a companion piece to SKINNAMARINK, was the inaugural production of Target Margin Theater’s Presenting Program at THE DOXSEE in Sunset Park, Brooklyn in October 2018, and was developed with support from Target Margin's Artist Residency Program. 

*denotes member of Actors’ Equity