Fernando Gonzalez

New York City actor, science enthusiast, ne'er-do-well, rascal, scamp, and synonym fan.

January 4th-13th @ the public theater

We’re baaaaaack! Again, again!!

We’re baaaaaack! Again, again!!


Under the Radar Festival 2019 presents New Saloon’s

Directed by Morgan Green

An irreverent mashup of English-language translations of Uncle Vanya – from the dusty 1916 edition to Google Translate’s profoundly whack results – is a kaleidoscopic amplification of Chekhov's depressing comedy. Each character is interpreted by multiple actors and through multiple translations, in an athletic attempt to say one true thing. “I’ve been made a complete fool,” Vanya says, “foolishly betrayed,” Vanya agrees, “stupidly cheated,” Vanya clarifies.

Dramaturg: Elliot B. Quick
Composer: Deepali Gupta
Producer: Caroline Gart
Stage Manager: Katherine Shelton
Music Director: Robert Frost
Scenic Designer: Kristen Robinson
Costume Designer: Alice Tavener
Lighting Designer: Masha Tsimring
Sound Designer: M. Florian Staab
Production Manager: Will Jennings

Text: Anton Chekhov
Translations: Marian Fell, Laurence Senelick, Paul Schmidt, Carol Rocamora, Milo Cramer, and Google Translate 

Featuring Milo Cramer, Ron Domingo, Rona Figueroa, Fernando Gonzalez, David Greenspan, LaToya Lewis, Caitlin Morris, and Madeline Wise

Tix available here, starting November 8th.